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Wedding Vision Boards

A wedding vision board is so important! Not only is it fun to make, but it gives your vendors a lot of insight. It really also helps couples to go through and create this board because they typically start making their visions more unique and their own! They see their big day coming to life!

If you are not sure where to start, David's Bridal has a great vision board creator to get you started, and it's completely free. As I said, it can get you started, and you can see what you end up with and tweak it from there! For example, the above board, is a David's Bridal vision board and maybe a live band isn't in the budget, then you switch it to a DJ. Or maybe you love the lavender color scheme with the accents of pink but you want to have more greenery for more of a garden feel.

Maybe you know exactly the vision you want, then skip David's Bridal vision board creator and you can create a brand board in Canva! It would be a great way to showcase your color schemes, textures, emotions, decor elements, and more to your vendors. Now you may be saying texture? Emotions? What does that have to do with a vision board? EVERYTHING!

When you plan an event, in this case, a wedding, think about the 5 senses! How do you want your guests to feel? What do you want them to see? Rustic elements such as wood stumps or lots of candlelight (or both!) What about hear? A harp or violin playing, or a DJ playing love-songs you all play together, etc.... Taste! Yummy! Maybe you want to serve a sangria welcome drink or a hot apple cider for the fall. Either way, the 5 senses are a great way to really bring your vision board to life!

Lastly, Pinterest. Who doesn't love Pinterest? The only warning I will give my couples about Pinterest is to be sure to update it or even repin older pins into a new board. Many times we pin to save or revisit. Our wants will change or we no longer like things, so update your Pinterest board(s) or create another one prior to sharing it with your florist, for example! Many vendors will request a Pinterest link because it really does help us understand the overall vision you are wanting!


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