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Micro wedding vs. Minimony vs. Elopement

Micro versus mini? What's the difference?

A minimony is usually the couple, officiant, and few of their closest friends. 20-25 people tops! They still have wedding vendors too such as a florist, cake, photographer, and officiant!

Micro Wedding Ceremony Setup
Micro Wedding Ceremony Setup

A micro wedding is just a larger scale, but not too large. Micro weddings are limited and guest size, but no larger than 50 people and just maybe a perfect compromise if you are trying to keep things small but having a harder time keeping a minimony size guest list!

Anything bigger than 50 people, would just be called a wedding! Anything smaller than a minimony is typically called an elopement. Elopements are typically 10 people or less!

What do you think of this micro wedding ceremony setup? We love it!