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Wedding "Must Haves"

What are your wedding must-haves or top priority items? It is important that you and your better half sit down and understand one another. It will really help you both in the planning process. Now, the easiest way to do this is for each of you to take a piece of paper and label it 1-15. Now without looking at one another paper, each of you lists your top priorities (1 being the most important) down to 15, pertaining to the following wedding vendors:

- Music (band or DJ)

- Videographer

- Venue

- Florist

- Cake

- Photographer

- Attire

- Stationery

- Beauty

- Caterer

- Transportation

- Officiant

- Rentals

- Photobooth

- Decor

Now that you have both completed your list, share what your top 3 are with one another. Are any the same? That's great that tells you that you both value that piece of the wedding. Any different? Why are they different? Maybe she has attire because she has always dreamed of her dream gown and he has transportation because he wants an epic getaway car! Both should be valued!

Now, what are the last 3 on the list? Maybe it is stationery or cake or a photo booth. What does that mean? Well, maybe you can decide not to have a photo booth at all or substitute out a wedding cake for a personal cake and do cupcakes for the guests or even sheet cakes! These are items that should be given very little money budgeted towards them or skipped altogether!

So what were your top 3 must-haves? Comment below!


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