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Top 10 Things to do First Upon Getting Engaged

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

You're engaged! Congrats! Before you start diving into the wedding planning world, take a step back and celebrate with your fiance! After you pop that champagne, now lets dive into the wedding industry with these Top 10 Things to do First Upon Getting Engaged!

1) Decide on Your Wedding Day Vision

This is where Pinterest, daydreaming, fun wedding online quizzes, may come into play! Sit down with your fiance and decide what is important to you both. It may be the budget, a photo booth, great food, an awesome location, tons of flowers, a 10 tiered cake! Whatever it may be, narrow down the overall vision and your wedding day wants. Decide if you want a rustic wedding or a grand ballroom wedding. Knowing these key elements of both your wedding day visions will help