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Is Rain Really Good Luck on a Wedding Day?

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

We have all heard that rain on a wedding day means good luck! But is that just an old wives tale to make couples feel better about rain on their wedding day?

Who knows!

What we do know, is how important it is to have a rain plan in case a storm does roll in.

Planning an outside ceremony or a dinner under the stars? Sounds romantic, but sadly, sometimes what we have envision, doesn't always play out the way we hope! With that being said, it is the wedding coordinators job to have a rain back up plan. Most of the time there is very little flexibility when rain comes into play where the wedding gets moved to. If you were planning an outside ceremony depending on your venue it may get moved into the location that the cocktail hour or the reception is to take place. Probably not what you had in mind, but it can happen.

During the venue walk-through, the rain plan is typically discussed. Ideally, as a wedding planner, we prefer to keep the wedding moving from ceremony to cocktail hour into reception, and never have to flip a room, because of rain. If that can't happen, having a plan in place prior is always best because it allows the couple to know that if rain is a possibility that they have a plan. Switching from outside to inside due to rain is not what a bride wants to do, but if she always knew the plan, it lessens the blow a little bit easier.

Sometimes venues can make last calls and determine if the ceremony will get moved inside versus stay outside. In that case, they typically wipe down all the ceremony chairs after the rain shower and within minutes, get the ceremony on its way. In the case you are not so lucky, its not the end of the world! Typically your photographer has prepared (and if not, you know your wedding planner did!) and has an umbrella, specifically a clear umbrella that makes for great pictures! Take advantage of those romantic rain pictures!

If all else fails, remember The Bachelor Jason and Molly's wedding? It poured rain, yet it was so beautiful to watch and it didn't stop them from smiling through the rain. Ever think of having a second dress? Well maybe it is not a bad idea! In the case of rain, go for it! Run in the rain in your wedding dress and never forget those memories or the pictures you'd have for a lifetime!


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