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Wedding Day Hair & Makeup: Onsite vs Offsite

You want your hair and makeup to look its ABSOLUTE BEST on this day. Of course, that goes without saying. While you don't have to get someone to do your hair and makeup it's recommended for several reasons—Treat yourself to a professional and get pampered on your wedding day!

However, it's often up for discussion if it's better to get your hair and makeup done in a salon or to have the hair and makeup artists come to your venue! So we thought we'd do what we do best, in true Veronica fashion, and make a pros and cons list!

Onsite Pros:

You have to leave or drive to a location

Starts singing Jesse McCartney "No stress, no stress, no stress."

Bridesmaids can just settle in for the day and take their time getting ready

Okay, so speaking of songs, you're going to need a playlist because you and your girls can hang out all day getting ready. Someone pass the mimosas!

Food can be delivered!

Hellooooo there delivery! Get your favorites delivered for you and the girls!

Makes for cute getting ready pictures

This is where the cute matching outfits come in! Gift the bridesmaids matching robes, or have everyone where the same color tee for the cutest getting ready photos you've ever seen!

Onside Cons:

Typically means a very early arrival time for everyone

Not a morning person? Take that into consideration here.

Typically means you have 1-2 stylist for hair and makeup

This can get costly, if you're not careful.

The space for hair may not be ideal

Be sure to check ahead of time with the hairstylist to see if it will work for them!

May not have natural lighting for makeup

Natural lighting is a must!

Typically venues do not have a very large bridal suite

Something to consider. You don't want to be cramped.

Your bridal suite gets very messy!

And quickly. Let's review all the people who will be in there: you (1), your bridesmaids (4-8ish), your mother (1), the photographer (1-2), the videographer (1-2), the hairstylist (1-2), the makeup artist (1-2), plus anyone else you may want/need. And everyone has bags and bags of things they need.

Can get delayed or behind schedule

Obviously this is not ideal.

Offsite Pros:

Typically all hair and makeup can be completed within 1-2 hours for everyone due to the number of stylists available

It's efficient, that's for sure!

Less likely to fall behind schedule

Hooray for staying on schedule!

Do not have to start your day as early

Sleeping in on wedding day? Pampering yourself all morning? Just relaxing with your girls? Yes. Yes. Yes!

Offsite Cons

No touch-ups after you leave

If you're a cryer, if it's going to be hot, etc you wouldn't be able to get last minute touch ups.

Can’t control the environment

Your favorite getting ready playlist, the mimosas, and relaxed feel won't be possible in the salon where there may be other customers.


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