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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance, what is it and do I need it? Wedding insurance is a type of event insurance that can cover you from unexpected losses such as an illness, thefts, cancellations, etc... On average, it is about $100, and WELL WORTH THE MONEY. Think about it, you are spending thousands of dollars on a wedding day, the small fraction of what the insurance cost can cover you exponentially! Let's say a hurricane hits, or your officiant gets sick, a sketchy cousin steals your wedding gifts, these would all be covered with insurance.

So where do you purchase wedding insurance? You can call your insurance coverage that covers your car or home and see if they offer this, but WedSafe is who we recommend for all our clients.

Many venues now even require couples to purchase wedding day insurance, so be sure you read your contract and understand the fine print!

(No profits are made by clicking the link or deciding to purchase insurance via WedSafe)