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Cake Flavors

Pairing your cake flavor to your wedding season. Have you ever given it any thought? As a wedding planner, I have! I love to create an experience, especially memorable ones! When throwing a party, or a wedding, I love to really think through each element, which is why, I love to pair a cake flavor to a wedding season and theme! Let me give you some examples!

Maybe you are having a fall wedding, let me walk you through not just a wedding, but a wedding experience! Maybe your a wedding guest arriving to a barn venue and greeted with warm apple cider, with the sounds of a string quartet, smells of cinnamon, and you bite into your first course, a salad, a Cranberry arugula salad with goat cheese top with pecans, pumpkin pie, and cinnamon rolls....

Or maybe gathering your girlfriends for an intimate Christmas cookie party with classical winter tunes and the smell of cinnamon pinecones, or the woodturning fireplace, with the taste of warm vanilla cookies and gingerbread fill the house...

Or maybe, your spring bridal shower where flowers are lining long tables with small petite sandwiches, the smell of lavender filling the air, the taste of lemon tarts or vanilla-raspberry shooters.....

You see when you set the mood using your different senses, it really can make a party, a wedding, a shower, an experience and not just a gathering.

Below are some great flavor profiles for each season:

Fall :

Pumpkin, cinnamon, spice, cranberry, apple, carrot, spiced pear, maple honey, s'mores, bourbon, sugar pecan


Gingerbread, cinnamon, hazelnut, chestnut, chocolate, chai, peppermint, snickerdoodle, cranberry orange


Strawberry, almond, lavender, banana walnut, passion-fruit, vanilla, classic cheesecake, pound cake


Lemon, pineapple, key-lime, Boston cream, earl gray, coconut, angel-food, cherry, blueberry, raspberry

So now I ask you, what flavor stands out to you! And now that you picked a flavor, what is the experience you are going to give your guests?!


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