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Hotel Room Blocks

If you have set the date, next you will want to reserve a room block at a hotel or two in the area! Do not wait for this! You never know if your wedding day will be one of the most popular dates of the year! Holiday weekends, certain number combinations (10.19.2019 or 10.10.2020 and even 04.31.2021). Different combos make for popular dates!

It is super easy to reserve a block of rooms. You can have your planner assist with this or if you do not have one, you can easily call up the hotel and ask to create a block of rooms for you. Generally, they will split the number of rooms requested into 2 queen beds or 1 king hotel room. You want to be sure you do not get charged for rooms that do not get booked! Typically hotels will have a deadline and if any guests did not book a room by that date, then they release the additional rooms to the public.

If you plan to have welcome bags or baskets, ask the hotel if they mind handing these out upon guests' arrival or if they will be placed in their rooms. In general, this is not a problem, but it is always best to check.

Lastly, if you have a lot of out of town guests or you know many guests will want to get a hotel room, consider providing 1-2 hotel options. A budget-friendly option and a nicer option if guests are treating this as a mini getaway! If you can find hotels that are nearby malls or shopping centers and restaurants that is always a bonus! Ask the hotel if the shuttle service is free from the local airport or even will shuttle guests to attractions in the area.

One more thing to note, as soon as you have your room blocks, upload this information onto your wedding website for guests to review!


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