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2019 Color of the Year

It is that time again that Pantone's puts out the Color of the Year which inspires couple on possible wedding colors as well as home decorating trends, gadgets, and more!

Drum roll please.........and the 2019 Color of the Year is "Living Coral."

So do you think this color will take over the wedding industry? We will have to wait and see! Sometimes the colors are a hit in the wedding industry and other times they are a bust! We think the color would be beautiful for a summer wedding toned down with simple greenery or a great pop of color paired with teal accents!

For fall, brides could pair it with gold with gold leaf accents! Or add a maroon accent color to off set such a bright color, which would make a beautiful bouquet! There are so many options that brides could do with this vibrant color by toning it down or brightening it up! Here's to 2019! Cheers!


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