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What's Your Wedding Style?

Photo by: The Busy Bee

When you think of your wedding day, what do you envision? How do you want your guests to feel? What atmosphere do you want to give off? Determining your wedding vision gives you a focus and helps your vendors understand the style you are going for. For example, if you tell your florist your wedding style is romantic and she has roses for your wedding bouquet, but you were really going for more of a modern take, there is going to be a disconnect!

It is so important to understand and determine your wedding style or theme before you start choosing your venues, floral elements, decor, etc... So what are some different wedding styles you may ask? Below we have listed 9 different styles with pictures to help you determine what vision you may be going for! Of course, once you have decided on a theme, then colors play a role, indoor/outdoor may be a factor, etc...


Soft pale colors, lots of candles, flowers galore!

Jada Poon Photography


Sometimes bright colors, unique venue choices, industrial vibes, nontraditional, pops of black (dishes, vases)

Leigh Photography,Lorenz Photogrpahy, AGPcollective