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Wedding Signage: Why You Need It!

Wedding Signage is not only extra beautiful touches on a wedding day, it is an important way to communicate with guests! While your coordinator is greeting guests as they arrive, your guest book is sitting there waiting to be signed. Having a simple sign is the perfect way for guests to know what

Molly Majher Photography| Welcome Sign | WDBT Events
Molly Majher Photography | Welcome Sign

they are to do, without having to tell them! Think about it, let's say you are having a "non-traditional" guest book (which by the way, very rarely are couples even having a book anymore!) guests may not know that the large wooden sign is your guest book, or that they are to sign the border of the picture frame! I have seen couples use unique guest books such as skateboards, bibles, home plates, and more!

Another sign that is so important is welcome signs! They are a great way for guests to know upon leaving the parking lot the direction they should head towards! This sometimes may be obvious, but it is not always the case! It is the first impression they see of your wedding!

Table numbers direct guests where to go. There are some really cute ideas for table numbers, but being a wedding coordinator, keeping it simple for these is generally the best way to go. It allows guests to find their tables easier when it shows "table 9" rather than the "Merlot" or "NYC" table.

While you may be going to numerous weddings for friends and seeing more recent wedding trends, many elder guests do not attend as many weddings and are not as familiar with certain wedding elements such as a unique guest book, so having a sign to tell and direct guest is not only a great idea it will be a beautiful touch in all your wedding photos too!

What other signs have you seen at weddings? WDBT Events just launched our rental and decor program that has a lot of wedding day signage that won't break the bank! Inquire today!


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