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Wedding Rehearsal

What roll does a wedding planner play in the wedding rehearsal?

A wedding rehearsal is exciting to a wedding planner! It typically is the first time they get to meet and see your bridal party that you have talked about, your parents, and any other special guests part of your wedding day.

Before you get to the rehearsal dinner, you have to rehearse for the big day. Typically the bridal party is all excited and dressed up to celebrate this occasion. If your the bride, the days you have been counting down are here, if you are a groom, in the matter of 24 hours you will have a spouse, a partner, and forever promise! It is all so real! But if you are the planner, you are super organized and have all your notes all ready to go.

Rehearsals take work. If they are run correctly and keeping to the typically time frame of 45 minutes to an hour, then planning has to be done in order for it to be smooth and flawless. A wedding planner will know the order of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and any additional family members or friends who are walking down the aisle, they know both the processional and the recessional order, and they know your name, your role, your phone number and how to reach you.

Rehearsals can be run in a variety of ways, however they run more efficiently when planning has been done in advance. Help out your planner and prepare ahead of time the order your bridesmaids are walking down, who the groomsmen will be paired with during the recessional, and a list of speakers during the wedding, grandparents or any other special guests you are honoring, if reserved seats are needed, if musicians need chairs or seating, and anything else they request. It can take a wedding planner anywhere between 1-3 hours of just preparing their notes to run the rehearsal!

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding rehearsal?


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