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Wedding Registries

Wedding registries are exciting to create! Whether you and your better half are just starting out and need everything down to forks and knives and toaster ovens or maybe you already live together and have all the necessities. There are a ton of different registries now!


Zola handles everything from cash registries, gifts, honeymoon, or even charities.


MyRegistry is great! Think of it as a registry from any home furnishing store. Maybe you like something at Target and something at World Market, this allows you to put both of those items from separate stores onto one place, your registry.


Amazon is great and easy! Almost everyone knows how to use it, which is a big bonus. Gifts can be wrapped and shipped to your choice of place or bridal shower location!

Target, William Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond

Most people enjoy these registries because they can go into the store and hand-pick the items, plus scanning with the gun can just be fun!

Wherever you choose to register, we always recommend you pick at least two different locations to register for guest purposes.


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