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Wedding Organizers

Planning Your Wedding

On average, a typical wedding with a 12-month planning timeline takes about 200-300 hours! That's insane! A lot of things have to come together to make the day go perfectly! Many vendors (as many as 15 or more) have to all come together and be on the same page! If that's not overwhelming enough if you don't have a full-time wedding planner (or even if you do!) you will need some kind of organization system to keep your sanity as you embark on this journey of wedding planning!

Look no further, below I list a few options! If you only take away one thing from this post, take this: STAY CONSISTENT IN YOUR ORGANIZING METHOD! I can not stress this enough!

A full-time planner

If your anything like me, you need everything in one place! I need a physical planner that I can write everything down in! A full-time planner as a wedding organizer is a great tool, especially if you already have one (hello Type A's)! A full-time planner will allow you to have everything from your dentist appointment, to your cake tasting, venue walk-through, your work trip, bridal fitting, down to your girl's night, call with the DJ, etc... It is where you keep EVERYTHING.

The only downside to this is method is if your planner is jammed pack with your everyday tasks. Wedding planning is going to take up room, so be sure you have a large enough planner to allow for this!