Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding calligraphy really sets your invitation apart. After all, an invitation is the first impression, the first tangible item, the first insight to your wedding day. It sets the mood. A beautiful invitation with hand written calligraphy addressed to your guests is bound to make an impression.

While most think calligraphy stops at the invitation, it can include table numbers, seating assignments, favors, programs, menu cards, and more! Your outer envelope for your wedding invitation will make a big impression, but custom calligraphy throughout your wedding will leave a lasting impression as well!

Maybe you can't afford a formal calligrapher, well their are other alternatives. For example, their are tons of tutorials out their how to learn how to write like a calligrapher if you are the DIY type. Another way to have custom calligraphy is via printed. Though, it is not the traditional hand written font and is printed on a machine or a computer, it allows you to really get creative and pick from hundreds of fonts.