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Let them eat cake!

You know what they say: put a cherry on top! Should you be topping your cake (or cupcakes, or any other sweet treat!) with fruit, flowers, a traditional cake topper, or anything at all? We’ve got the scoop on all the loveliest things to set atop the culinary star of your wedding menu: your wedding cake!

Floral on the frosting

You’ve already got beautiful flowers for the wedding day, so why not tie it all in and stick some on top of your cake! This makes for elegant decor for your dessert table and you can have the florist make it! Easy as pie (or, in this case, cake)!

The Traditional Topper

There is nothing wrong with sticking to tradition—or a traditional cake topper. Pick our your favorite little bride and groom and stick them right on top of that delicious cake for all the world to see!

Traditional Topper (with a personalized spin!)

As lovely as tradition is, it’s even more fun to put your personal twist on it! Have a dog? Add them, too! Star Wars fans? Go with R2D2 in a top hat and BB8 in a veil. Sports fans? try the look-alike bobbleheads in your favorite team's jersey! The possibilities are endless! Have fun with it!