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Venue Walk-Through

What is a venue walk-through entail? A venue walk-through is when the couple, the venue coordinator, the wedding planner, the caterer, and any additional wedding vendors who can attend, get together and review the wedding day logistics. A venue walk-through is critical to a wedding planner, because this is where we discuss the layout options, the wedding day flow, location of important items (card table, seating arrangements, etc...) and more.

In every wedding planning package that White Dress Black Tie offers, a venue walk-through is included because it is so important to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly and exactly as you would like. It is at the venue walk-through that we can discuss about a rain back up plan, if the location of the DJ that you had in mind will work based on a power source availability, and if the catering team needs to provide more staff to accommodate the guest count. All these small details come together for your grand event. Nothing is overlooked.

After the venue walk-through, from a wedding planners perspective, we start composing the wedding timeline and that is when the couple really starts seeing how all their wedding vendors and details starts to come together. We organize it to help couples understand the details and the behind the scenes tasks that we are taking care of, that the couple may not even consider.