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Save the Dates

Save the Dates or better-abbreviated STDs (yes it is an unfortunate abbreviation in the wedding world!) says a lot! They tend to be a little card with little information, but it is more than just that! Save the Dates are better known as the first impression of your wedding day. They are typically the first piece of paper or item that guests get that gives them a little insider information about your wedding day. So what should be included on STDs or left off? Let's find out!

Do you need to send Save the Dates?

STD have become more and more standard in the wedding world. If you plan to get married where guests would need to travel, on or around a holiday, or peak travel times, most planners would highly advise that you send them out. It gives guests the opportunity to start planning if they would like to attend!

When to send Save the Dates

6-8 months, in general, is when your STDs should be sent out. 8 months is generally for more destination locations or if your wedding is a three-day-affair.

Who should receive a Save the Date

Anyone who you plan to invite to the wedding should receive a STD, just be sure you are inviting the guests, or it will be awkward if they don't receive an invitation to follow. This includes bridal party members, siblings, grandparents, etc...

What should be included?

4 key points! Your names, wedding date, location, and "invitation to follow."