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Save the Dates

Save the Dates or better-abbreviated STDs (yes it is an unfortunate abbreviation in the wedding world!) says a lot! They tend to be a little card with little information, but it is more than just that! Save the Dates are better known as the first impression of your wedding day. They are typically the first piece of paper or item that guests get that gives them a little insider information about your wedding day. So what should be included on STDs or left off? Let's find out!

Do you need to send Save the Dates?

STD have become more and more standard in the wedding world. If you plan to get married where guests would need to travel, on or around a holiday, or peak travel times, most planners would highly advise that you send them out. It gives guests the opportunity to start planning if they would like to attend!

When to send Save the Dates

6-8 months, in general, is when your STDs should be sent out. 8 months is generally for more destination locations or if your wedding is a three-day-affair.

Who should receive a Save the Date

Anyone who you plan to invite to the wedding should receive a STD, just be sure you are inviting the guests, or it will be awkward if they don't receive an invitation to follow. This includes bridal party members, siblings, grandparents, etc...

What should be included?

4 key points! Your names, wedding date, location, and "invitation to follow."

If you don't have an exact location such as a venue nailed down the city and state is sufficient. If you plan to have a wedding website, you can also include that information on your Save the Date. Guest can then visit your website and see additional information such as where you are registered, hotel room blocks you may have already included, and any other wedding invitation such as dress code or wedding weekend activities.

What should I not include?

RSVP information is not needed at this time, nor is the time of the wedding. That information will be provided in the invitation. Never put your wedding registry on your Save the Date either. Consider the less is more approach on the Save the Date.

Cheap STD options?

Many brides opt for a postcard. It is a cute way to send a STD and no envelope needed and the postage is cheaper than a regular card! Forgo square or magnet STDs, as they will require additional postage due to shape and/or weight.

Alternatives to STD cards?

Some couples want to really make a statement and send more than just a card for their STDs. We have seen "tickets" for destination weddings, confetti explosions, boxes with a fancy invitation, magnets, scratch-offs, vintage keys, balloons you have to inflate to read the message! There are so many ideas, but we love when they are unique to the couple! It makes it extra special, and besides, most people just expect a card nowadays! It is fun to mix it up a little!

What if your wedding date changes?

Thanks, COVID! You can also send a "change-the date" out but you can spread the word quickly via your wedding website as well!

Should you address it "and guest"

It is never too early to make it clear if a wedding guest has a plus one! We would highly recommend you include "and guest" or simply address it only to the person you want attending!

How do we pick a style?

There are tons! Reach out to us for discount codes at by emailing us or contacting us via our website. You do not have to be our clients for this code, anyone can use it!

In general, if you are not getting married on a beach, I wouldn't pick a beach theme invitation, even if that is where you were proposed to. This is time to stick with more of your wedding theme. If you don't have a theme, think of your wedding colors instead. If you are having a modern style of wedding, consider clean lines. If you are doing more traditional, then look for something more formal. If all else fails, a picture of the two of you from your engagement picture is a great option, especially if you haven't nailed down your wedding day style or theme!

Write a comment below if you have another question that I didn't answer for your Save the Dates!


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