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Perks of a Plated Dinner

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Trying to decide if you are doing a plated dinner or buffet or maybe stations or family style! There are so many options now days! Let's focus on the plated dinner perks!

Everyone is Waited On:

This makes it easier on guests. They never have to move from their table, they can get settled, start socializing with others around them, and it is less overall chaos. Food, drinks, coffee, cake, all gets served to guests. This is especially helpful if you have handicapped or elderly guests attending!

Everyone Eats at the Same Time:

This is a major bonus, because planners and couples should plan on average for about 45 minutes minimum for guests to all go through a buffet line (and that does not include seconds)! It helps to keep things moving when everyone is eating at the same time. It also ensures meals are hot, where this is not always the case when couples choose a buffet.