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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Let's talk linens! Weddings come to life with extra touches and small add-on's. Without breaking the bank, linens are one of those wedding details that can really transform the look of a room. Many wedding venue have the standard white, ivory, or black linens for a table, which is nice, but for no additional cost, you could do navy or blush or a pop of yellow even! Another alternative is even just using a napkin color can really make a difference. Some venues include a standard black, ivory, or white linen in the rental agreement and give you the option of a napkin color.

Just the small color difference can really dress up a room without an additional expense. If you are looking to dress up particular tables such as your cake table or sweetheart, that is when you may pay a little additional for a custom linen, but it will be worth it!

In addition, maybe you are doing farm tables so you don't need a linen covering the table. Wedding planners, event designers, and even your florist may recommend that you have a table runner of some sort to help your flowers stand out and really bring the table to life.

Linens are one way you get a bang for your buck in the wedding industry and they make such a difference! I recommend you bring a floral arrangement to a rental company and play around with different linen, runners, or overlays to see the difference!



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