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Jordan & Alex

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Venue: Barn at Chapel Hill located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Favorite Wedding Moment: Jordan and Alex decided to do a sparkler exit at the end of the night, but while guests were lining up and preparing for their grand exit, Jordan and Alex shared one last private dance before the night was over.

Wedding Tip: When doing sparkler exits, it is best to purchase 20-22 inch sparklers (as the burn time is typically 2 minutes long). In addition, make sure to purchase the small hand held lighters as they are the only type of lighters that light sparklers! Lastly, confirm with your venue if sparklers are allowed, and if so, confirm if they prefer the sparklers to be placed in sand buckets or water after they run out of spark!

Details: Fun wedding details that Jordan and Alex had were mix-matched bridesmaid dresses, custom hand painted signs done by the bride herself, wedding cupcakes instead of cake, a bible wedding guest book, and a beautiful floral pergola that they married under.

Personal Touches: This was truly a personal touch that as a wedding planner, I'd have never seen before. The bride and groom took it upon themselves to surprise every guests attending with a hand written note to read prior to the ceremony. As guests arrived, they would find their envelope and a seat for the ceremony and read their notes.

Vendor Spotlight: The vendor on spotlight for Jordan and Alex wedding, was Fords Fluent n' Food catering. At the time they were a new and up and coming wedding caterer. Now days they have won numerous awards, have moved into a wedding showroom, received a 100% food ratings score, and are booked solid. Jordan and Alex lucked out on such a great husband and wife catering team when booking these two!

Congrats Jordan and Alex and we wish you the best in your marriage and the years to come!

Photographer: Erika Jordan Photography


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