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Invitation Mailing and Tracking

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Minted Wedding Invitation

Your wedding stationery is the very first impression that you give to your guests as an insight to your wedding. Whether you are sending Save the Dates first or just sending out your Wedding Invitations, the best part of picking stationery is just that, picking out your stationery. The dreaded part is the stuffing, mailing, and tracking your invitation! Why not let White Dress Black Tie handle that for you! The process is easy:

Step 1: Select and Order your Stationery

Invitations by Minted

You pick your stationery (but we can help if needed!) and order all the components. Components? Yes, components! Wedding invitations are not just invitations they provide a lot of information inside! You can have an outer envelope, an inner envelope, invitation, reception, response envelope, response card, map/transportation card, and accommodations!

Upon picking out your invitation and all the invitation components, you will place your order! At that point, you can have everything ship to WDBT events or we can make arrangements to collect your invitations. </