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Invitation Mailing and Tracking

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Minted Wedding Invitation

Your wedding stationery is the very first impression that you give to your guests as an insight to your wedding. Whether you are sending Save the Dates first or just sending out your Wedding Invitations, the best part of picking stationery is just that, picking out your stationery. The dreaded part is the stuffing, mailing, and tracking your invitation! Why not let White Dress Black Tie handle that for you! The process is easy:

Step 1: Select and Order your Stationery

Invitations by Minted

You pick your stationery (but we can help if needed!) and order all the components. Components? Yes, components! Wedding invitations are not just invitations they provide a lot of information inside! You can have an outer envelope, an inner envelope, invitation, reception, response envelope, response card, map/transportation card, and accommodations!

Upon picking out your invitation and all the invitation components, you will place your order! At that point, you can have everything ship to WDBT events or we can make arrangements to collect your invitations.

Step 2: Stuffing & Weighing & Stamping....oh my!

Upon receiving all your wedding invitation and components, we will stuff your invitations in the correct order, because believe it or not, there is a proper order! We can even print your addressees name (in a font of your choosing) on the outer envelope if you would like for an additional cost!*

Lastly, we will take the envelope to the post office and have it weighed to confirm the proper postage stamp to have proper delivery! Wedding invitations have weighted paper for a sophisticated feel, and when you stuff a proper wedding envelope it can get heavy! Sometimes one stamp one cut it! Why risk sending out all your invitations, to just receive them back in the mail for not having the proper postage! We take that extra trip to the post office for you and purchase the proper amount of stamps for you if requested*.

Step 3: Mailing

Your invitations will get mailed out on a Tuesday, because your guests will receive the wedding invitation most likely Thursday or Friday and have the weekend to respond. We find this provides the best chances of guests taking the weekend to respond and sending their response back quicker, compared to sending any other day of the week! (You just received an insider secret to the wedding planner world!)

Step 4: Tracking

One of the best features of this package that we offer is the fact that we track everything for you! We ask that you send us a Google Doc spreadsheet of a list of your guests names so we have that on file and it makes it easier for us to track your guests responses. The Google Doc spreadsheet allows us to share with you at any point in time your guests attendances.

With this package, we have your guests response card be sent to our personal PO Box, and we get a notification every day if and when mail enters our box! Upon receiving, we update the spreadsheet. It is that simple!

Tracking can we as simple as a Yes/No chart or as complex as Yes/No, with meal choice, any allergies, song request and more! You let us know what needs to be tracked and we do it!

Step 5: Other Circumstances

Maybe, to cut cost you are having guest RSVP on a wedding website rather via the response card. If that is the case, maybe you have created your wedding website, but have not inputted all your guests into the website, if that is the circumstance, we can do the inputting for you!

In addition, this service is not just limited to invitations, it can also be used on Save the Dates!

In conclusion, invitation stuffing, mailing, and tracking, is a tedious task that takes time and constant attention to update. Don't fall behind in this task and let us help you! Contact us today to inquire about this service!


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