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Engagement Pictures

Pictures document moments in your life. Whether they are family pictures, wedding pictures, or engagement pictures, most people want this time of their lives documented! Consider engagement pictures practice for your wedding day!

Before you book your wedding photographer, make sure you had a great vibe and connection with your photographer during the booking process. Look through their Instagram and website to confirm you like their wedding style. Are they light and airy pictures or dark and moody. We love Spring light and airy photographers and Fall dark and moody, personally. But that is just our preference!

Most photographers include an engagement shoot session either as a separate charge or part of their wedding photography packages, so be sure to check that out! Many photographers understand you are not a model and this is not what you do every day, so they will guide you through it! They will help you understand how to stand, pose, what to do with your hands, where to look, etc... If they don't, ask for guidance (and maybe even look for someone more professional, if desired).

Some photographers will help you pick your attire out! They give you guidance such as no plaid or coordinating color guides. Be sure to follow these! They know what they are talking about. You don't want to look back and regret your outfit(s). Also, mix it up, there are a variety of pictures, so don't feel you have to have one outfit. Layer your clothes or add a scarf/shaw to mix it up!

Lastly, pick a spot that is meaningful to you! Maybe it is where you got engaged, maybe it is your hometown, maybe it is where your first date was, etc... Or if all else fails, just pick something pretty! Living near our nation's capital, many couples choose spots such as the Lincoln Memorial, or when the Cherry Blossoms are blooming and they make for amazing photos!

Do you plan to get engagement photos taken? If so, they make for great details at the wedding. Guest love looking at photos of the couple! Even better, it is a great way to make a beautiful wedding website that shows off the two of you and your love!


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