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Engagement Party

Engagement Party
Troy Grover

Thinking of having an engagement party? Unsure what is involved? Let me dive in tell you!

If you are thinking of having an engagement party (or someone wants to throw you one!), do it! You only have so many "once in a lifetime" moments, so take advantage of it! The one thing you don't want to do is start planning it right after you get engaged. Take some time to celebrate the two of you before you dive into planning, trust us you will have a lot of planning ahead of you!

Before planning, take some time to think about the kind of party you want. Maybe a backyard BBQ or a picnic under the stars! Either way, you want to customize the party for the two of you, but don't go too crazy and give away some wedding day ideas. Instead, maybe serve your favorite foods or have it catered from the restaurant you had your first date at!

A special touch to capture the moment is to hire a photographer! Don't overspend on photography and consider a family friend or even a college student. You want the moments captured, but photography can add up quickly (plus you will have a lot more moments to capture)!

If you don't want to host this at your home or family's house, consider a restaurant and go more cocktail style. Don't do sit down tables, instead, do heavy appetizers and cocktail tables! Just be sure to pick a location that is different from the wedding venue.

Who do you invite? You should only invite guests you know that you will be inviting to your wedding. While an engagement party is not the time to expect gifts, some guests will show up with a gift. Because of this, it is not a bad idea to register or begin the process of registering for gifts.

Have additional questions, reach out to us! Would you like assistance with planning for this, we would be happy to help, please inquire about these services!


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