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Your Wedding Bridal Party

Ever wonder what the roles are for bridal party members? Or maybe you haven't been to a wedding and don't understand what a Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid is. Look no further, let's break it down for you!

First things first, this should not just be thrown together. Give it some thought, think on it. Just because you made a new friend recently, doesn't mean they have to be in the wedding, they could be at the wedding instead. You should be able to check Bride and Groom off the list, as you and your better half are filling that role. Check! Now let's look at the Maid of Honor and Best Man positions.

Maid of Honor/Best Man

The people who typically fill this role are a brother or sister or a best friend for years. Your number one (after your future spouse!). Do not get caught up with having to only have one so to say. Maybe your fiance has two brothers with who he is equally close. Just make them both Best Man. It is your wedding. Don't take the chance of hurting one's feelings but the same goes if he wants both his brothers in the wedding and he is much closer to one than make the one the Best Man! It is your wedding day, you decide who is filling those roles.

Maybe you heard the term Matron of Honor. That is just the role of a Maid of Honor, but she is married. I had a Matron of Honor (my sister), but two very close best friends, so I made them Maids of Honors and then still have 5 plus other bridesmaids! Again, your wedding, your way. I had two Maids of Honors because they truly were both my best friends and I couldn't stand to hurt one's feelings over the other, so I simply didn't. I asked them both to give a toast at the rehearsal dinner and my sister, the Matron of Honor did