Are there any additional hidden costs?

All of our planning service prices (day-of and month-of) are flat fees. There are no additional taxes on top of this. With that being said, a travel fee may apply if your wedding location is more than 25 miles from our listed business address (we are based out of Leesburg, Virginia). 

How much is the travel fee?

Our travel fees are between $75-$125. and is only applied for venues located more than 25 miles from our listed business address. 

What happens if WDBT has not done a wedding at my venue's location?

That is okay! The DMV metro area has over 1,000 wedding venues and more are still opening! With that being said, this happens. WDBT conducts a venue walk-through with the venue coordinator and (if available) the caterer to review all wedding day flow, logistics, and details. We compose a floorplan and have detailed notes and labels for each aspect of your wedding (ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception). Clients review and approve of all floor plan designs and notes. 

Are your prices negotiable or able to be customized? 

If the price is a factor and you are very interested in our services, we can take look at what services are included in a package and see if we can remove service to lower the cost for planning. However please keep in mind, our prices are set to the minimum rate that we can offer full package experience and still be confident we are doing the best work to plan and coordinate your event. 

Can I add on a service at a later time?

Yes absolutely! If you are unsure if you want to do a wedding rehearsal at the time of booking, we can always add it on at a later date. With that being said, you do take the risk that we will not be available to perform your wedding rehearsal due to another booked wedding. 

Furthermore, you can always decide to add on any additional services after the initial booking process. But please keep in mind that some add-on's need an ample amount of time to be ordered and shipped. 

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes! We offer a 10% military discount on all planning services! 

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